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Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2015-01-26Thorsten SchoddeDevelopmentTask #363: Understand and Test Docker in order to clone CITK webcatalog6.00
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2015-02-10Sebastian WredeDevelopmentBug #350: RSB SCXML Engine missing0.10
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2015-03-09Thorsten SchoddeDevelopmentBug #397: Make components and versions consistent (add missing fields)1.00
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2015-03-13Robert HaschkeDevelopmentTask #386: Add platform dependencies in projects/rsb-vis-tools.project0.10
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2015-03-19Thorsten SchoddeDevelopmentFeature #395: Show system "versions" instead of system in browse systems view1.00
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2015-03-19Thorsten SchoddeDevelopmentFeature #396: Show component "versions" (releases) instead of components in browse components view0.50
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2015-09-18Thorsten SchoddeDevelopmentFeature #185: Create Command Line Tool for Accessing CITk CatalogueAlmost finished20.00
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2015-09-25Thorsten SchoddeDevelopmentFeature #185: Create Command Line Tool for Accessing CITk CatalogueTeste on Linux & Windows1.00
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2018-01-31Martin WiechmannDevelopmentFeature #553: citkat: hide versions menu for distributions without version attributedone.0.50
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2018-06-11Martin WiechmannDevelopmentBug #574: citkat: License search seems brokenfixed.0.10
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2014-05-08Florian LierDesignBug #226: Please make the Jenkins installer use a _STATIC_ packageThis would be an option...0.01
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2014-06-11Florian LierDesignBug #269: HUMAVIPS virtual site layout degraded since new main layoutlink color may be changed in the humavips template css0.01
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2014-09-21Florian LierDesignFeature #184: Include FlobiSim?Yes we should do that0.10
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2014-09-29Florian LierDesignFeature #287: Read branches out of git to reduce versioning efford.I believe the build gen already does that...0.10
Cognitive Interaction Toolkit2014-10-30Florian LierDesignFeature #316: Prevent Jenkins from Checking out any SCM more than onceYes...0.30

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