Term specifications

Added by Michael Götting about 10 years ago

  • What is an example
    • Examples are small programs with dependencies limited to the "Sub"-Library (e.g. ICLUtils)
    • Only a "How to use this ..." demonstration
  • What is a demo - located in (${ICL_ROOT}/demos
    • A demo is similar to an ICL example but
      • its dependencies are spread over several ICL -"Sub"-Libraries (e.g. ICLUtils and ICLIO, in particular usually ICLQt)
      • A demo is a full featured program that demonstrates "How to write stuff with the ICL"
      • Sometimes, demos can also be understood as online demonstration for something (e.g. how does an FFT-image look like or how do certain gabor filter responses look like)
  • What is an application - located in ${ICL_ROOT}/application
    • usefull tools to solve daily life tasks (e.g. Show camera images, Adjust camera parameter, calibration ...)