Bug #226

Updated by Florian Lier about 10 years ago

Today I wanted to convince a colleague to make use of the new tool chain, aka toolkit-distribution using recipes via local Jenkins, instead of the Gar-Installer (which my colleague is used to and which he really likes) to distribute his components. After explaining him the advantages of the "new" approach he was willing to try it.


Again, the Jenkins bootstrapping failed because some plugins couldn't be fetched (Git, Build-Flow), which I only found out by checking the Jenkins config via Jenkins GUI. Comment of the the colleague:

*"Okay, at this point I would already be lost..."*

Additionally, somehow Jenkins is not able to find the Plugin repository (Jenkins version is: Jenkins ver. 1.532.2) so I really wasn't able to create crate all Jobs because the build-generator fails, again, because Jenkins was not setup correctly.

IMHO this is basically _A SHOW STOPPER_ we will not be able to convince people to use our new tool chain (I am fully convinced it's the right way to go) if the setup already fails, especially because Jenkins is such a central component.

I really *don't blame* the implementation/developer of the installer script, dynamic web-based fetching of plugins is simply
a "fragile" thing.

I would like to vote for a hosted tar.gz file including all the required plugins and Jenkins itself.

Any comments?