ICL 5.18.0 released

The new version of ICL provides a huge set of bug-fixes and several minor improvements
Added by Christof Elbrechter about 13 years ago

Additional Features and Improvements

  • Adapted the SmartPtr and SmartArray classes to allow for better behavior with inherited types
  • Added new undistortion handling, by now providing not only the simple undistortion model that was suggested by the ARToolkit guys, but also the much more sophisticated Matlab camera calibration toolkit model
  • Added new helper scripts to facilitate build configuration. The new package does now
    also provide a ./configure script that can be set up with a very simple configuration file
  • the former helper script scripts/icl-cmake.sh was renamed and is deprecated now
  • Added several improvements to the KinectGrabber class
  • Added an extra script called scripts/config-generator.sh that creates build-directories for several common dependency configurations (all dependencies, no dependencies, all except each dependency and each dependency alone)
  • Added new Configurable property type called 'flag'. Flags represent boolean values and are translated to checkboxes in the Configurable-GUI component
  • Added native support for writing and loading png-images even without ImageMagick
    based on libpng.so and png.h (therefore libpng became a new optional dependency)
  • added the global extract_euler_angle function to FixedMatrix.h that allows to extract
    euler angles from a given NxM rotation matrix (N>2 and M>2)


  • Fixed include statement in CC.h
  • Several fixes in the build-system and CMake files for several dependency configurations
  • Fixed issue, that ICLQt was built even without having OpenGL
  • Fixed static initialization issue for the ImageMagick wrapper for file loading and saving
  • Fixed check-box to string and back GUI-assignment operators
  • Fixed bug in Configurable: addChildConfigurable does now only add those properties from the child, that are not deactivated