TCS Alignment Toolbox Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of the Toolbox is fully available on maven. The architecture has been revised. New algorithms and new comparators are available. In particular the toolbox now supports Algebraic Dynamic Programming.
Added by Benjamin Paassen about 9 years ago

We have released a new major version of the TCS Alignment Toolbox. The most important changes are:
  • The architecture of the toolbox has been revised. The toolbox is now structured into 9 different modules. Also the package names have been revised, such that backwards compatibility is not garantueed.
  • All of those modules are available on maven central (For matlab users a binary distribution as a single, monolithic .jar file is still available)
  • The toolbox now supports Algebraic Dynamic Programming, which enables users to design their own alignment schemes in an abstract fashion, without having to worry about the (efficient) implementation. An example of this technique can be seen in a new example.
  • The Parallel processing capabilities of the toolbox have been improved, such that they now use the java standard library FixedSizeThreadPool.
  • We further improved the documentation by reworking the available uml diagrams, updating the wiki page, updating all examples and extending the javadoc.

Also we will present the Toolbox at the 8th International Conference on Educational Datamining 2015 in Madrid in the Demo track.