TCS Alignment Toolbox Version 2.1.2

The new version of the TCS Alignment Toolbox provides support for Dynamic Time Warping and Metric Learning as well as CSV export and import of Sequences.
Added by Benjamin Paassen over 8 years ago

We have released Version 2.1.2 of the TCS Alignment Toolbox. The most notable changes are:
  • We provide additional OperationTypes now, namely DELETIONREPLACEMENT and INSERTIONREPLACEMENT to model the behaviour of Dynamic Time Warping, which reads from one of the input sequences, but does not consume the respective node.
  • We support Dynamic Time Warping now as a default grammar in the adp module.
  • We have added a Metric Learning Module (learning), that provides implementation distance based classifiers (k-Nearest Neighbor and Large Margin Nearest Neighbor) as well as a gradient-based optimization scheme of metric parameters with respect to the LMNN cost function. More details regarding this approach can be found in the master's thesis Adaptive Affine Sequence Alignment Using Algebraic Dynamic Programming.
  • We have added a export and import module (csv) that enables you to store NodeSpecification objects as JSON data (and reimport them from JSON data) as well as store Sequence objects as CSV data (and reimport them from CSV data). The generated data is aimed to be human-readable and, thus, hopefully compatible with other applications.