ICL 5.17.0 release

This new version of ICL comes up with fundamental changes in the Grabber class interface and several other fixes.
Added by Christof Elbrechter about 13 years ago

The new version of ICL provides the following features and bug fixes:

New Features
  • Added extra makefile variable ARCHITECTURE_DEPENDENT_BUILD. The build uses g++'s '-march=native' only if this is explicitly set to TRUE
  • Added 'visible'-flag to the SceneObject class (this can be used to hide/show SceneObject instances)
  • Replaced former SimpleMatrix<T> class by a new class called Array2D that provides the same features, but uses a more intuitive interface and row-major memory layout
  • Added new GUI components for forcing certain image parameters when images are published using the built-in gui-tab 'capture'
  • extended console-progress methods
  • added -rotate to the 'icl-convert' tool
  • added built-in superquadrics visualization (SceneObject can now also be superquadrics)
  • applied some fundamental changes in the Grabber class
  • removed former desired-params related methods
  • restructured the way images are created
  • replaced const ImgBase*grabUD(ImgBase**dst) by const ImgBase*acquireImage()
  • acquireImage does no longer have to care about desired parameters -> it only creates a new image
  • the Grabber's grab()-method does now care automatically for using desired parameters
  • The user can also choose to use only one or two of the desired parameters rather than

all or none of them

  • desired parameters are now set using template methods (T can be depth, format and Size)
  • void useDesired<T>(const T&)
  • void ignoreDesired<T>()
  • T getDesired<T>() const
  • bool desiredUsed<T>() const
Bug fixes
  • Fixed canny edge detector
  • Fixed copy constructor in ButtonHandle class
  • some makefile dependent fixes regarding GLX support
  • Fixed transparency issues in the scene class
  • Fixed SceneObject::setColor bug
  • some code cleanup in the Widget class
  • Added some heuristics to enhance the robustness for exporting image from the GUI tab 'capture'
  • fixed non-gui mode of icl-pipe
  • some fixed in the documentation's style.css
  • fixed throw-list in the PoseEstimator class (the list was not complete, which sometimes caused std::bad_exceptions)
  • some OSX-build related fixes