How can I get BonSAI?

You can get it from the repository like this

me@mycomputer:$svn export

or you can download a pre-built version from the files section .

How can I generate the documentation?

For 0.9.X you can do that by typing

me@mycomputer:$ant doc

for >0.10.1 you can do that by typing

me@mycomputer:$mvn site

You need to be in the folder where you have checked out BonSAI for that.

How do I build BonSAI?

For 0.9.X: You need ant to build BonSAI and the btl installed in your $prefix. Given that you can install e.g. under /PATH/TO/MYPROJECT/PREFIX as prefix like this

ant -Dprefix=/PATH/TO/MYPROJECT/PREFIX/ install