Breakout Extension Module

Type: Connector
Inventory: 16 units
Pins: All optional

Warning: If you use this Extension, you should totally know what you are doing. It is easily possible to temporarily or permanently damage or destroy a BRIX₂ Base Module and/or connected Extension Modules if you screw it up. If in doubt, ask a developer!

The Breakout Extension Module is intended for prototyping. You want to connect something to a BRIX₂ Base Module that does not exist as an Extension Module yet? Use this module. All pins from the Extension header can be accessed. There are additional ground connections too. You can solder a two-row pinheader to the edge of the board in order to access the pins with a ribbon cable for example.

It is important to consider the power limitations when tinkering with the BRIX₂ Base Module.

Pin Mapping

See BRIX₂_Base_Module

Developer Informations

Connector Pin Mapping

The table below shows the pin mapping of the DF17 header (On the Base Module), the connecting IDC-30 header on the bottom side of every Extension Module.

DF-17-30 IDC-30 Pin Description
30 1 GND System ground
16 2 MOSI_S SPI data line of System Controller
29 3 D6 Digital pin 6 of User Controller
17 4 MISO_S SPI data line of System Controller
28 5 D5 Digital pin 5 of User Controller
18 6 SCK_S SPI clock line of System Controller
27 7 D4 Digital pin 4 of User Controller
19 8 VCC 3.3V @ 400mA max.
26 9 A5 Analog pin 5 of User Controller
20 10 EXT_INTER Interconnects Extension Headers
25 11 A4 Analog pin 4 of User Controller
21 12 A0 Analog pin 0 of User Controller
24 13 A3 Analog pin 3 of User Controller
22 14 A1 Analog pin 1 of User Controller
23 15 A2 Analog pin 2 of User Controller
15 16 SDA I2C data line of User Controller
14 17 SCL I2C clock line of User Controller
12 18 SCK SPI clock line of User Controller
13 19 VUSB 5V DC when USB is connected
11 20 MOSI SPI data line of User Controller
10 21 MISO SPI data line of User Controller
1 22 D8 Digital pin 8 of User Controller
9 23 RXD_S Serial RX of System Controller
2 24 D9 Digital pin 9 of User Controller
8 25 TXD_S Serial TX of System Controller
3 26 D10 Digital pin 10 of User Controller
7 27 RESET Reset line of User Controller
4 28 D11 Digital pin 11 of User Controller
6 29 RESET_S Reset line of System Controller
5 30 D4_S Digital pin 4 of System Controller

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