Making Cases

Making a Ninja Modern Case

In order to make a Ninja Modern Case, you need a 3D printer and a drill press. We used a Makerbot Replicator 2. As materials, you will need

  • 4x6 LEGO plates
  • An end mill (square end, 6-10mm)
  • (translucent) Ninjaflex filament
  • Transparent ABS filament

Preparing the Base Plate

  • use an end mill (square end) to remove knobs of a 4x6 white lego plate
  • add pictures!

Preparing the 3D printer

  • insert materials.
  • print base structure with a raft. this will remain in the printer
  • add files and pictures

Printing the Flex Part

  • put a lego plate with removed knobs on the printed base structure
  • start printing process
  • base structure can remain inside the printer for several runs. gently remove the lego plate when the flex part is printed.
  • add files and pictures

Printing the Top Part

  • Just print out the transparent top parts
  • add files and pictures


  • Remove the support structures with flush cutters
  • Poke a hole into antenna channel
  • Push the antenna through
  • Optionally, cut open the antenna channel
  • Connect the antenna to the PCB and insert the electronics
  • Make sure everything works.
  • Put top part on top
  • Make sure everything fits
  • Remove top part and put hot glue onto the PCB
  • Put an Extension module on the top part in order to align the top part to the extension headers during the glue process
  • Put top part back on. make sure no hot glue comes into the headers.


  • Use a hot air tool to heat up the hot glue through the top plate (150 degrees Celsius). You will destroy the top plate.
  • Gently lift the top plate off the PCB
  • If you have to remove the hot glue from the PCB, gently heat it up (before melting point) and pull it off so you don't put too much mechanical stress on the components.

Making Extension Module Cases

You will need at least a 3-Axis CNC mill and a machine vise. As materials, you need

  • A 1mm end mill (square end)
  • A 2mm end mill (sqare end)
  • A 6mm end mill (square end)
  • 2x4 Lego plates
  • (2x4 Lego bricks)