CI Tools

Two scripts in /Software/Tools/CITools allow you to package the LiBRIX2 automatically as well as to test all the example sketches.

This script uses a command line version of Arduino in order to build each example sketch. The command line option is only available in Arduino 1.5.x. You need to give the script the location of the Arduino executable as well as the location of the sketches:

./ ~/opt/arduino-1.5.6/arduino ~/arduino_sketches/libraries/LiBRIX2/Examples

Caution: There will be most likely at least one error in the infrared examples ('IRsend' does not name a type). This is caused by the IR robot core files in the Arduino 1.5.x IDE. This error will not occur in the classic 1.0.* IDE which is used for BRIX₂.

Just ./ and the script will download all files from different repositories and present you a that can be installed in the Arduino IDE. Might take a while because of slow Mozzi server. SVN and GIT clients need to be installed in order to use the script.