[Bill of Materials]

count item configuration source
1 set 3D printed parts print on your own or use shapeways.com
1 Optoma PK-201 misc
1 coated eyeglass lens d=70mm, f=-100mm (=-10dpt) optician or ebay
1 Firefly MV FFMV-03M2C-CS ptgrey.com
1 Bicycle Helmet we used an oxylane Sport 5 Jaune (55-61cm) decathlon
1 XIMU innertial sensor without housing x-io.co.uk
1 set Carbon Fibre rods d=6mm various
1 2K epoxy glue any brand will do various
n M3 screws any various
1 Firewire cable extra thin, 4.5m (e.g. WHITEFLEX CF-66-045-WE) partsdata.de
1 USB Cable extra thin, 4.5m variuos
1 HDMI Cable extra thin, 4.5m (mini HDMI) various
n zip-ties thin and normal ones various
5 counter weights steel blocks various