[0: About]

If you want to record offline datasets you can do this using a tool called robotreality_frame_grabber.
It is useful for motion generation for later playback and analysis.

[1: Usage]

In order to record a motion dataset follow the following steps:

  1. apply face markers
  2. put on the helmet
  3. run robotreality_frame_grabber /dev/ttyUSB0 (replace with your ttyUSB device)
  4. do the action you want to record
  5. hit CTRL+C when finished
  6. run robotreality_frame_grabber --convert

This should store the images, head motion data and a robotreality config file in /tmp.
In order to copy them for a later use do the following:

~/> mkdir -p dataset0/images
~/> cd dataset0
~/dataset0> mv /tmp/head_data.imu ./
~/dataset0> mv /tmp/mocap_config.mcfg ./
~/dataset0> mv /tmp/grab*.png ./images/

You can play back the recorded data using robotreality_mocap mocap_config.mcfg.
See the Setup & Calibration chapter for further details.