[Scene View Camera]

For the scene view perception we used a replacement/repair part for
Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Notebooks.
If your robotic head already features a camera fixed to the pan/tilt joint
you do not need this. The nice thing on this camera module is
that it features a very tiny lens that allows a hidden installation.
Additionally the projection screen area was calculated to match the
field of view of this camera module.

You can find the camera on ebay as "Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Webcam C811R".
There seem to be at least two different versions. One of them has cables soldered
to the pcb, the other one features a connector.


For the camera pictured above the pinout is:

#1 [red  ] 5V (enable?) --> USB 5V 
#2 [green] GND          --> USB GND
#3 [pink ] USB D+       --> USB D+ 
#4 [black] USB D-       --> USB D- 
#5 [clear] 5V           --> USB 5V

All you have to do is to cut an USB cable and connect the camera's wires to it.

Install the camera at a place where it moves with the pan/tilt joint.
It is important that it does not move with the eyes.