[0: Dependencies]

Robotreality has some external dependencies. Please install these packages either
by using your systems Package manager or build and install them from source.

  • CMake (≥1.8)
  • Boost (≥1.4)
  • OpenCV (≥2.4.2)
    • important: QT, CUDA and GL support have to be enabled
  • libtinyconfig
    • this library can be found on the CIT-EC opensource server

[1: Building]

First you need to checkout the SVN (or download a tar.gz from the files section):

/tmp$ svn co https://opensource.cit-ec.de/svn/robotreality/trunk/ robotreality
/tmp/robotreality/mocap$ cd robotreality/sceneview

The next step is to use CMake to configure & build the source.
You can install the software to any given prefix (local installation) by adding
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/your/prefix to the cmake call.

/tmp/robotreality/sceneview$ mkdir build
/tmp/robotreality/sceneview$ cd build
/tmp/robotreality/sceneview/build$ cmake .. 
/tmp/robotreality/sceneview/build$ make 
/tmp/robotreality/sceneview/build$ make install

If all dependencies are met this should build the current robotreality sceneview sourcecode.
You can now continue setting up and calibrating the sceneview software