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16:28 Bonsai bonsai.behaviors available
The behavior layer for BonSAI has its own repository now and is available under
11:20 Bonsai 0.11.0 releases
We have just released the *0.11.0* version of the BonSAI core. You can find an according tag "0.11.0" in the git repo...


13:43 Bonsai Moved to git
The bonsai projects was moved from the original svn, which is still available under -


10:36 Bonsai BonSAI API Doc online
The API Doc for the BonSAI trunk is available from the CI server under:


16:39 Bonsai Revision 12: added missing pom.xml
16:38 Bonsai Revision 11: trunk merge
16:17 Bonsai Revision 10: pre-robocup 2012 release with maven and SCXML support
16:14 Bonsai Revision 9: tag for compatibility reasons for older systems without maven or SCXML support and wi...


11:06 Bonsai BonsaiLogo_small.png
80x80 version Logo
11:03 Bonsai BonsaiLogo.png
BonSAI Logo

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