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17:43 IPAACA Revision 83dd658f (ipaaca): session record/replay: mini bugfix
Docs addendum: you can specify - as out/input file to use stdout/stdin
17:16 IPAACA Revision 5fda1ed3 (ipaaca): ipaacatools: new scripts ipaaca-session-record + ipaaca-session-replay
Can be used to record IU event streams to session files, and replay
these session files. The recorder looks mostly li...


18:44 IPAACA Revision 8636e3ac (ipaaca): Py logger: log levels to print/send (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, SILENT)
logger_set_log_level(LogLevel.SILENT) # or from string, for configs:
Calls with invali...


01:08 IPAACA Revision c7c935b1 (ipaaca): java: IU event type for emitted Messages is correct now (& cleaned up)
16:34 IPAACA Revision bd96226f (ipaaca): Attempt to fix Message-type IUs not being broadcast with MESSAGE type


12:32 IPAACA Revision fe384adb (ipaaca): ipaaca-p[io]ng: added the default argument parser
10:15 IPAACA Revision 98140cd8 (ipaaca): improved metrics
10:09 IPAACA Revision 77764094 (ipaaca): Added ipaaca-ping and ipaaca-pong pair
Start ipaaca-pong on one system to listen for and reply to ping IUs.
ipaaca-ping on the other hand will send these pi...


12:52 IPAACA Revision 3322d3d3 (ipaaca): added traceback to logger main


16:45 IPAACA Revision c49795f2 (ipaaca): Third time's the charm

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