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Does the generator support single project generation?

Added by Florian Lier about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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I added the MORSE distribution today. A reoccurring problem is that, despite git shallow cloning, the analysis and checkout of MORSE takes
forever (approx. 500 MB) --- but that's not the point because this is a problem originating in the MORSE repository. However, I just added one
other project to the distribution (that is pulled and built in under 10 seconds), subsequently I need to generate the whole distribution again which
then causes endless idle time to wait for MORSE. I believe MORSE is not the only huge repo in our project stack, therefore:

Does the generator support "single project generation"? I think this has been the case some time ago.


#1 Updated by Jan Moringen about 10 years ago

While it is planned to support analyzing individual projects, it is hard to (re)generate individual jobs which belong to a distribution because of the build-flow job.

In my opinion, the better solution is a caching strategy for analysis results. This will allow (re)generation of jobs, with certain changes in recipes and distributions, without repeated analysis. However, changes like repository URLs or branch list will still require a new analysis.

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