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dependency resolution is incomplete

Added by Robert Haschke almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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The dependency of tactile-toolbox.project on urdf.project is not discovered. Running build-gen in debug mode, I get

- for tactile-toolbox/urdf_tactile:

    ((:CMAKE "urdf_tactile" (0 1 0))
     (:MAVEN "org.ros.rosjava_messages/urdf_tactile" (0 1 0)))
    :REQUIRES ((:CMAKE "cmake_modules") (:CMAKE "urdf")) :DESCRIPTION
    "handle tactile sensor descriptions in URDF" :LICENSE "BSD" :AUTHORS
    (#<PERSON "Robert Haschke" 1 identity {100A767983}>) :MAINTAINERS
    (#<PERSON "Robert Haschke" 1 identity {100A760653}>)))

- for urdf:
    ((:CMAKE "urdf" (1 12 12))
     (:MAVEN "org.ros.rosjava_messages/urdf" (1 12 12)))
    ((:CMAKE "liburdfdom-dev") (:CMAKE "liburdfdom-headers-dev")
     (:CMAKE "rosconsole_bridge") (:CMAKE "roscpp")
     (:CMAKE "urdf_parser_plugin") (:CMAKE "pluginlib" (1 11 2))
     (:CMAKE "cmake_modules") (:CMAKE "tinyxml") (:CMAKE "rostest"))
    "This package contains a C++ parser for the Unified Robot Description
    Format (URDF), which is an XML format for representing a robot model.
    The code API of the parser has been through our review process and will remain
    backwards compatible in future releases." 
    :URL "http://ros.org/wiki/urdf" :LICENSE "BSD" :AUTHORS
    (#<PERSON "Ioan Sucan" 1 identity {100A960143}>
     #<PERSON "Jackie Kay" 1 identity {100A966F63}>)
    (#<PERSON "Chris Lalancette" 1 identity {100A96DEC3}>
     #<PERSON "Shane Loretz" 1 identity {100A974D03}>)))

Looks like the main reason is that :PROVIDES ((:CMAKE "urdf" (1 12 12))) is not matching :REQUIRES ((:CMAKE "urdf")). This is a long-standing issue.
Interestingly, the failed dependency resolution is not even reported as an INSTANTIATION-ERROR.


#1 Updated by Jan Moringen over 5 years ago

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I tried to reproduce the problem with the following minimal distribution

  - urdfdom_headers@0.4
  - urdfdom@0.4
  - urdf@kinetic-sensor-parsing

  - tactile-filters@master
  - tactile-toolbox@kinetic-devel

and the build-generator invocation
build-generator report -k graph -o /tmp/graph-report …/test.distribution

but the dependency tactile-toolbox@kinectic-devel --cmake:urdf--> urdf@kinectic-sensor-parsing was correctly reflect.

Can you still reproduce the problem?

#2 Updated by Jan Moringen over 5 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Jan Moringen to Robert Haschke

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