TCS Alignment Toolbox : TCSAlignmentToolbox Version 1.4.0

Added by Benjamin Paassen almost 10 years ago

We released a new version of the TCSAlignmentToolbox with the main changes:

  • Version 1.4.0 now suports local (and affine) alignment (strict as well as soft)
  • The bellmans gap sources have been improved and support parameter setting and alignment derivatives now
  • The examples have been extended to incorporate new possibilities

Also check out the Wiki page where we now present runtime considerations.

TCS Alignment Toolbox : Initial Release TCSAlignmentToolbox 1.3.2

Added by Benjamin Paassen almost 10 years ago

The TCSAlignmentToolbox is now released in version 1.3.2 and ready for download. It contains:
  • Implementations of Dynamic Time Warping and Global Sequence Alignment (Needleman-Wunsch)
  • Support for multi-dimensional sequential data
  • Support for non-vectorial and multi-modal sequence data, e.g. strings, object sequences, structured data
  • Support for metric learning by gradient descent: For our algorithms we provide several derivative schemes
  • Examples for usage in Java and Matlab
  • Parallel Processing support for alignment calculation and derivative calculation

More information can be found at:

Surface mesh: Surface_mesh 1.0 released!

Added by Daniel Sieger over 10 years ago

Surface_mesh 1.0 is now available for download. Go to Surface mesh to grab a copy.

Bonsai: bonsai.behaviors available

Added by Frederic Siepmann about 11 years ago

The behavior layer for BonSAI has its own repository now and is available under

This includes the Skill classes as well as the Skill engine with according SCXML files.

Bonsai: 0.11.0 releases

Added by Frederic Siepmann about 11 years ago

We have just released the 0.11.0 version of the BonSAI core. You can find an according tag "0.11.0" in the git repository under

Bonsai: Moved to git

Added by Frederic Siepmann about 11 years ago

The bonsai projects was moved from the original svn, which is still available under but will not accept any new commits. Please use the git repository under :

which will contain a stable master branch and an unstable branch for developmental stuff.

Bonsai: BonSAI API Doc online

Added by Frederic Siepmann almost 12 years ago

CITEC Gentoo Portage Overlay: SVN from projects.cit-ec...

Added by Matthias Schöpfer almost 12 years ago

To checkout and build packages that are gained from svn at, you will have to add


and run
ebuild <package_to_merge>.ebuild manifest.

Make sure, you do not push your credentials into the git-tree... ;)

XTT - eXtensible Task Toolkit: Update 3.1.2 for XTT

Added by Ingo Lütkebohle almost 12 years ago

Update release 3.1.2 for XTT is now available and should be used by all current users of the XTT 3 branch.

It fixes an important issue when sequence numbers do not start from zero which may occur, e.g., when the server is restarted while the rest of the systems remains running (which has always been supported behavior, of course).

XTT - eXtensible Task Toolkit: XTT 3.1 Released

Added by Ingo Lütkebohle almost 12 years ago

A new release of XTT, version 3.1, is now available via Maven.

Update Update release 3.1.2 is now available and fixes an important issue when sequence numbers do not start from zero. Please use it instead.

Previously, when using the XCF transport and initiating tasks very rapidly, their execution could be out-of-order, because XCF does not guarantee ordered delivery of the invocation messages. XTT 3.1 now includes a feature to ensure in-order execution for tasks from the same client. This behavior is optional, but activated by default, because it is what most people would expect.

XTT 3.1.1 is still fully backwards compatible, but ordering will only work if both client and server use XTT 3.1 and up.

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