GazeTk is a framework for gaze-based interaction. It raises eye tracking-based human-computer interaction on the next level, by providing a framework for integrating different eye tracking systems into a coherent framework. It adds to the current state of the art in providing UI components for gaze-based interaction in the WWW.

More general information, pictures and videos, as well as downloads for users can be found at our website:

Components / Sub-projects of GazeTK

Desktop-based Gaze Interaction

GazeTK Desktop Connector

The GazeTK Desktop Connector project hosts the device specific part for gaze-based interaction on the desktop. Here you will find programs that allow you to use your specific eye-tracking system with GazeTK. Currently we are supporting the following devices:

  • The EyeTribe
  • MyGaze
  • SMI REDm
To come:
  • Tobii EyeX (Fall 2015)

You will need one of the desktop connectors to use applications of GazeTK, in particular Blinker.


The Blinker project hosts extensions for web browsers which will allow gaze-based web browsing.

Currently, we are only supporting Mozilla Firefox, but we hope to have a working extension for Chrome within the next months.


BlinkUI is a programming API for the web (JavaScript/HTML), which allows programmers to add gaze-based interaction to their websites.


  • Dr. Thies Pfeiffer (CITEC, Germany)
  • Dimitri Heil (Germany)
  • Patrick Renner (Germany)


You will find the documentation for the project in the repository.