This archive contains the hand trajectory data of 25 participants. During the experiments, each participant completed several of the obstacle point configurations. These point configurations are detailed in the figure which can be found in the README contained in the zip file and can also be found in the MAT file 'pointConfigurations.mat'.

The folder 'Participants' contains 25 sub-folders (e.g. participant 'AE'). Each of these sub-folder in turn contains several folders associated with a certain obstacle point configuration (e.g. 'A1'). In these folders you will find several MAT-Files, each of which contains the x- and y-coordinates of a trajectory of a single trial. In addition, you will find an overview figure depicting all trials of the participant associated with a particular obstacle configuration (gray lines), as well as the mean trajectory based on these trials (red line).

This project was in the main carried out by Dr. Till Bockemühl and was supervised by Prof. Holk Cruse.


Manager: Holk Cruse, Jonathan Maycock
Developer: Cord Wiljes