Feature List

RML is still in beta, but the following features are already working pretty nicely:

  • Wide data capture support
    • messages from multiple robot software frameworks simultaneously
      • Currently XCF and RSB
    • local screen capture (e.g. for tele-operation recording)
    • local cameras using opencv
    • microphones over the network using gstreamer
  • Automatic session management
    • Saving data from last-run before next
    • Maintains a _session-run_directory structure

Planned Features

  • Support more frameworks
    • Particularly Yarp and ROS
  • Record local sound sources
  • Import matching videos from external cameras
    • With automatic synchronization to local data using audio-based correlation
  • Archival support
    • Compressing data to more efficient formats
  • Export support
    • Exporting to SQL, CSV and RDF