Using XTT (for Java)

First of all, you need to get the xtt.jar. The easiest way for that is to use it through Maven. Alternatively, it is also available from source, and as a pre-built jar.

Installing through Maven

To use XTT, add the following block to the dependencies-section in your project's pom.xml:


btw, XTT supports both XCF and RSB, so you will get an indirect dependency on these. At runtime, however, only one is necessary, so you can freely exclude the dependencies that you are not using using the usual Maven exclusion mechanism.

This dependency is, at this moment, only available through the CIT-EC public repository. The following repository definition can be added to your $HOME/.m2/settings.xml:

  <name>CITEC Maven Repository Server</name>

Using JARs directly

Even if you are not using Maven, you can also download the XTT jar directly, using the url (and then you go the highest version -- at the time of this writing, that is 2.0.6).

In this case, you will have to install XTT's dependencies also. See the files section for a combined download.