About XTT

Sequencing engines with support for XTT

There are several sequencing engines supporting XTT, both generic and task-specific.

The most developed, and most widely used sequencing engine is actually far more than that: The dialog manager PaMini uses XTT as its interface for the robot system.

A fairly recent development is the StateChartExecutive (SCE), a generic sequencing engine based on Statechart-XML (SCXML). It does not include domain-specific support and is generally more "low-level", but also more generally applicable. SCE uses the data-mapper API for input and output (see below).

Datamapper API

XTT itself provides generic state-management, but for a successful task, one also needs to communicate the goal. For this purpose, there is also a generic API that works across different middlewares, and can create data messages in their specific formats.