A library for real-time communication to and from the Kuka LWR using either FRI (new) or RSI-XML (old).

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Manager: Robert Haschke
Developer: Guillaume Walck, Qiang Li

Latest news

Bugfix Release of OpenKC FRI
Minor Bugfixes, easier configuration to the specific environment
Added by Matthias Schöpfer over 9 years ago

Cautiously optimistic anouncing OpenKC 1.0.0
OpenKC 1.0.0 is out. This update is recommended.
Added by Matthias Schöpfer over 10 years ago

Moving from RSI-XML to FRI
Major changes have been done, versions are incompatible. If you want to stick with RSI-XML, you should stay with version 16.
Added by Matthias Schöpfer over 10 years ago

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