A library for real-time communication to and from the Kuka LWR using either FRI (new) or RSI-XML (old).

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Manager: Robert Haschke
Developer: Guillaume Walck, Qiang Li

Latest news

Bugfix Release of OpenKC FRI
Minor Bugfixes, easier configuration to the specific environment
Added by Matthias Schöpfer about 13 years ago

Cautiously optimistic anouncing OpenKC 1.0.0
OpenKC 1.0.0 is out. This update is recommended.
Added by Matthias Schöpfer over 13 years ago

Moving from RSI-XML to FRI
Major changes have been done, versions are incompatible. If you want to stick with RSI-XML, you should stay with version 16.
Added by Matthias Schöpfer almost 14 years ago

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