Bugfix Release of OpenKC FRI

Added by Matthias Schöpfer about 13 years ago

Thanks to Mohamad Aein from BCCN Goettingen, some changes were made. Especially, now a fri_okc_hostconfig.h will allow to set some global settings to all the binary helper programs that come with OpenKC.


Cautiously optimistic anouncing OpenKC 1.0.0

Added by Matthias Schöpfer over 13 years ago

I am somewhat proud to announce release of Version 1.0.0. Thanks to Michael Gerung from Kuka Roboter GmbH we were able to resolv the last issues. Also, the performance improved, as we have generally faster command processing and fewer errors from the robot. This is a recommended update to all users of 9.2.0 and 9.2.1.

The update also features some better documentation, although there is enough room left for improvement ;-)

Enjoy and Happy-OpenKC-ing everyone

Moving from RSI-XML to FRI

Added by Matthias Schöpfer about 14 years ago

A first, very beta release of FRI-OpenKC. Since almost everything changed (TCP to UDP, ASCII to Binary, DEG to RAD, mm to m, different "modes"), you will need to adjust your existing programs. Users still wanting RSI-XML should stick with svn release 16.


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