The AMiRo-OS project comprises the software framework for the microcontroller-based real-time modules of the Autonomous Mini Robot (AMiRo).
This not only includes the operating system (AMiRo-OS), but also the AMiRo-BLT bootloader, a collection of low-level periphery drivers (AMiRo-LLD) as well as the real-time middleware μRtWare.

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AMiRo-OS 2.0 released
The next-generation AMiRo-OS (version 2.0) has been released and is available as under the 2.0_stable branch.
Added by Thomas Schöpping 8 months ago

Wiki updated
Wiki now available.
Added by Thomas Schöpping about 3 years ago

AMiRo-OS is online
AMiRo-OS is now available for the public.
Added by Thomas Schöpping over 3 years ago

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