AMiRo-OS 2.0 released

Added by Thomas Schöpping over 1 year ago

The next-generation AMiRo-OS (version 2.0) has been released alongside AMiRo-BLT v1.1.2 and AMiRo-LLD v1.0.1.

The next major update (probably AMiRo-oS version 2.1) will receive any required modifications for the upcoming releases of the µRtWare real-time middleware and the AMiRo-Apps framework.

Wiki updated

Added by Thomas Schöpping almost 4 years ago

A lot of information has been added in the project wiki:
  • AMiRo-BLT
    Description of the Startup & Shutdown Synchronization Protocol (SSSP) as well as all required control signals.
    Furthermore, the AMiRo-BLT software project is briefly described as well.
  • AMiRo-OS
    A source code style guide is provided as well as a set of hints on how to write efficient real-time C++ code for microcontrollers.
  • setup script
    A bash script is provided to completely setup the system environment for software development.

- Thomas Schöpping

AMiRo-OS is online

Added by Thomas Schöpping about 4 years ago

AMiRo-OS - the software framework for the Autonomous Mini Robot (AMiRo) consisting of development tools, a bootloader, and operating system - is now available for everyone as open-source project. Since this is the first release, bugs are somewhat expected. Please report any issues you have to the project managers Thomas Schöpping (preferred) or Timo Korthals.
We hope you will enjoy your time with AMiRo and this development toolchain!

- Thomas Schöpping


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